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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 2001

Genus Sibianor Logunov 2001 [2000]

[TYPE SPECIES aurocinctus] [Comparison Harmochirus-Bianor]
[ aemulus [ annae ] [ japonicus ] [kenyaensis] [ kochiensis] [ larae] [ latens] [ nigriculus] [ pullus] [ tantulus] [ turkestanicus] [victoriae]

SEE RELATED GENUS Harmochirus] Bianor]

COMMENT: Simplified, semidiagramatic drawings of internal structure of epigynum by Logunov in this, and related genera are insuficient to distinguish and/or compare species. Notified on my views Logunov answered (personal letter of January 28th, 2002) "... females in Bianor and related genera (and often in Pellenes; from the subgenus Pelmutus) cannot be readily separated and the female copulatory organs are of poor taxonomic value. So, no reason to compare them, as NO reliable conclusion can be drawn from observing them. " J. Proszynski

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