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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 2000

Genus Helicius Proszynski, 1976 [Zabka, 1981]

Nomenclatorical note. Genus created by Proszynski 1976: 16 by indication of the type species (below) and providing detailed drawings of a representative species - figs 373-382, quotation of the label data - p. 186, and a map 69.

[Translation: "Gatunek typowy rodzaju" = type species of the genus. Paper Bohdanowicz, Proszynski 1978 
appeared finally in 1987 (delay for the reasons beyond my control - J. Proszynski). Paper "1977" was never published ]
Several Authors using name Helicius between 1976 and 1987, and attributing it to Proszynski 1976, did that following personal communications from Proszynski. There is no doubt that intellectual property of creating idea of the genus belongs to J. Proszynski. As for fulfilment of biurocratic requirements of "formal description in words" a good precedens is given by recognition of Simon's "description" (two lines, diagnostically meaningless) of Canama kochi Simon, 1903a: 813, who "... provided purportedly diagnostic information and the specific name is therefore valid" (Platnick 2004: Internet). "... purportedly diagnostic ..." information on Helicius in Proszynski 1976 are much more satisfying.
There apparently will remain difference of opinions whether drawings and other data published in my paper 1976 are sufficient "description" of Helicius and its species, or not. As I always recognize species and genera by drawings, and not by words, I consider these sufficient for the purpose, in difference to numerous descriptions in words, which are not. J. Proszynski
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