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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Genus Eupoa Zabka, 1985

Diagnoses of genera of South East Asia: Eupoa (1-2; 1-2). This monotypic genus was erected by Zabka in 1985 for a number of small salticid specimens, collected mostly from litter. There is nothing particularly striking about their appearance, but for salticids, the male palp is much more bulbous and convoluted than is usual. The carapace is slightly longer than wide with the thorax part of the male tapering gradually to a wide rear edge, whilst that of the female is almost semicircular. It is grey-brown in colour, lighter in the middle, with the eye surrounds black. The abdomen is oval, not as wide as the cephalothorax on the male and about as wide on the female. The abdomen is black-brown in colour with small elongate light patches on the male, grey-brown and with much larger light patches on the female. The legs are yellowish-grey. In appearance it looks a bit like Neon (p. 343), another litter dwelling species. Distribution: Eupoa is known only from Vietnam. Murphy & Murphy 2000: 292. By courtesy of the Authors' and the Malaysian Nature Society.

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