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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997-2004

Genus Euophrys Koch C.L., 1834

SEE RELATED GENERA: Chalcoscirtus] Pseudophrys] Saitis] [ Talavera ]

Diagnoses of genera of South East Asia: Small, squat, yellowish-brown or blackish salticids. Found at ground level at base of plants and in litter. General remarks: Species in this group are dull yellowish-brown coloured and more patterned than those in the previous group. They are often found when sifting through litter or grubbing about at the base of low vegetation in the open. Genus: Euophrys is a very large, worldwide genus [split since into 3 genera - J.P.] with very few species in the region that runs from India through to New Zealand. Of the five species recorded from our area, there is no recent information for the species from Java, E. giebeli, and the species from P. Malaysia, E. kulczynskii, [specimens - presumably types of both species are available in Mus. Civico in Genoa - J.P.] and those are regarded as doubtful by Roewer, 1954. The drawing of the palp by the author of E. albopatella from Myanmar, does not look like the palp of a Euophrys sp. Even the two Euophrys species from Vietnam, described by Zabka in 1985, have genitalia which seem nearer to those of Chalcoscirtus than to those of a typical Euophrys sp. Chalcoscirtus is a genus very similar in appearance to Euophrys. The cephalothorax of a typical Euophrys is of moderate height, has a flat top that extends from the cephalus on to the thorax for some distance before falling away steeply to the posterior edge. The sides are very steep. The eye area is black and the rest of the carapace brown. The abdomen is oval ,with the front narrowly truncate. It is basically yellow-brown in colour with neat dark brown markings which are sometimes formed into oblique lines on the sides and chevrons down the centre. The legs are moderately long, robust but not very spiny. They can be brown, dark brown on the male and light brown on the female.
Distribution: Euophrys is a widespread genus which occurs mainly in the holarctic region, South America and to a lesser extent Africa. Elsewhere there are a few species recorded only from India, south east Asia and New Zealand and some of these are doubtful. Murphy & Murphy 2000: 341-342. By courtesy of the Authors' and the Malaysian Nature Society.

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