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Muzeum i Instytut Zoologii PAN ul. Wilcza 64, 00-679 Warszawa POLAND

Jerzy  Proszynski
synthesis of quotations  in the world literature since 1940, with basic taxonomic data since 1758  
[Version October, 2004 - in  preparation] 


This is the current version of the Catalogue compiled since 1986 from various Catalogues and original
publications. The original idea was continuation of the Bibliographia Araneorum by P. Bonnet, which 
contains literature data until 1939, with quotation of basic older references (species descriptions, revisions etc). 
Under influence of Catalogues by N.I. Platnick, and previous Catalogues by C. F. Roewer and P. M. Brignoli, I 
adapted  form similar to these Catalogues.
   The present Catalogue was prepared owing to kind assistance of a number of peoples and several Institutions, 
described in the 1990 printed edition. The special thanks are due to Dr. N. I. Platnick, who has allowed me to
compare consecutive  version with his volumes of "Advances in Spider Taxonomy". This  went so far that the
present 2004 version is being checked with Platnick's "Advance ..." Internet version 2004 (without separate 
acknowledgment at the species level) line after line,  and contributed to significant increase of scientific 
accuracy of the present Catalogue. However, my individual coding of publications (2003a, 2003b, etc) is
being retained, as well different taxonomic interpretations, and my own selection of new publications. 
Dr. W. P. Maddison has very kindly placed the previous version of the Catalogue  in his Internet home page 
since 1995, he gave me also very useful advices and example how to convert Catalogue from its original 
Xywrite version into hypertext.
		Data from the 2004 version onwards are used in my pararallel "Global Species Database of Salticidae
 (Araneae)",  synonyms generated automatically by that database will be in turn used here in due course.
I wish to express my sincere thanks to all peoples and Institutions for help in preparation of this Catalogue.   
 Jerzy Proszynski, 10. X. 2004.